Troop 98 Gahanna


3rd Saturday of May

Woodside Green Park

10am - 2pm

Troop 98 is hosting the DISCOVER YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE event to provide families with fun activities and to help them learn about our programs. Our activities are exciting, hands on, and outdoors focused to show you the fun in Scouting. These activities will engage your senses of imagination, teamwork and adventure as you travel around the park. There will also be handouts for anyone wanting to learn more about our programs and applications for those who are ready to join. So stop by anytime between 10am and 2pm to have some fun and visit with our Troop. Our Scouts BSA program is for youth in Fifth Grade through High School. The activities at the event are designed for that age group. Families with younger children can come to the event to learn about our Cub Scouts program for Kindergarten to Fourth Grade youth. Please remember every youth must have a parent/guardian in the park during the event. Please contact us if you have any questions about the event or our program.

To see the handouts from the event head over to our Files page and look in the Discover Your Next Adventure folder.


Some kids avoid obstacles. Scouts overcome them. Scouts BSA is a year-round program for youth in fifth grade through high school that provides fun, adventure, learning, challenge, and responsibility to help them become the best version of themselves. In Scouts BSA, our Scouts go places, test themselves, and have one-of-a-kind adventures that can’t be found anywhere else. The Scouts are responsible for the activities of the troop. Adults train youth members to assume leadership roles, and with those skills, the Scouts plan the program and carry it out. Through planning and organizing their activities, they have fun, develop teamwork and learn to lead.

Adventure Awaits!

There’s no one way to explore the world.

My way is to push myself, and never take the easy road.

I prefer a road that winds through forests and goes up mountains.

Because I’ve always been an adventurer at heart.

That’s why I can’t wait to be a Scout.

Because Scouting will guide me to great things.

It won’t just teach me to navigate the woods with confidence,

but it will give me the confidence I need to navigate the world.

I’ll enter the Scouts as the best version of myself today

and will grow into the best version of myself for my future.

Scouting will show me how to use bravery, trustworthiness,

loyalty and kindness to become a person I’m proud to be.

Because there’s no one way to explore the world.

And my way is in the Scouts.

"Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished without the will to start, the enthusiasm to continue and, regardless of temporary obstacles, the persistence to complete." - Waite Phillips