What Scouting is

Simply: Scouting is a game with a purpose.

Scouting is camping, adventure, learning, and so much more. Scouting provides a positive and safe environment for young people to grow into the best versions of themselves. This growth is a process in which Scouts make mistakes and get messy. But when a Scout looks back at their time in the program these mistakes and the lessons learned from them become guideposts for the rest of a Scouts life. So go camping with your patrol of friends, burn your food, turn your tent into a bathtub, challenge yourself to do more than you ever thought possible, and we promise you will look back at your time in Scouts BSA and describe it with one word: FUN!

Patrol Method

In Scouts BSA, you become a member of a patrol when you join. This patrol is a group of Scouts your own age who work, compete, learn, cook, etc., together. You are an interdependent group where everyone is important. Your patrol is led by a patrol leader, that you elect.

Troop Meetings

  • Troop Meetings are Monday nights from 7:00-8:30pm at Stonybrook UMC.

  • Patrol Meetings can be planned by the patrol leader as social or planning/preparation meetings for each patrol. Each Patrol decides when & where to have a Patrol Meeting.

  • Board of Review is the 2nd Tuesday of every month and start at 7:30 and end usually by 9:00. A Scout attends Board of Review when they have completed the requirements to advance in rank.

  • Troop Committee meetings are held every month starting at 6:30 directly before the Board of Review.


  • Troop Campouts are scheduled for each month. The yearly calendar is handed out each January. Scouts meet at Stonybrook at 6pm on Friday and return around 1pm on Sunday.

  • The cost for each campout varies based on the activities planned.

  • Summer Camp is a weeklong camp that takes place in July. Troop 98 will be at Seven Ranges from July 11-17 in 2021. The 2021 fees were $330 for youth and $165 for adults.

Fees and Fundraising

  • A Wreath Sale that takes place each Fall is the only Fundraiser that Troop 98 uses.

    • For 2021 each Scout was asked to sell at least $400 in wreaths.

    • There was a $120 fee if a Scout chooses not to participate.

  • Dues are paid by each Scout at the first meeting of each month. Monthly dues are $5 and should be paid by the Scout.

Adult Leaders

The Scoutmaster works directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for their Troop. The Scoutmaster trains youth leaders to run the Troop by providing direction, coaching and support. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters ensure all activities happen under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and the policies of BSA and the chartered organization.

The Troop Committee is a cross between a board of directors and a parent support group. It sets troop policies and handles administrative functions, ensuring that the Troop resources are managed and available to support Troop activities.


  • Program

    • The Troop 98 program is run by the Scouts for the Scouts

    • The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is elected each January & July by a majority election and serves for 6 months

    • The SPL will select the Senior Patrol from letters submitted by interested Scouts

    • The members of the Senior Patrol all have specific jobs to support the Troop and the SPL

    • The SPL and the Senior Patrol shall be First Class or above Scouts

    • A Planning Conference of the SPL and Patrol Leaders will be held each year in February and August

    • The Troop Leaders Council (TLC) plans the overall program for each month during the Planning Conferences

    • The TLC members are the SPL and the Patrol Leaders (PL)

    • The details for meetings and upcoming events are handled monthly at TLC meetings

    • The SPL will oversee completion of a written meeting plan for each meeting to be shared with the TLC

    • The TLC will meet for 10 minutes before and after the meeting

  • Advancements

    • Scouts are in charge of their own advancement

    • Advancements are signed off in the book by a First Class or above Scout

    • Tenderfoot / Second Class / and First Class can be worked on at the same time

    • If you want to work on a Merit Badge, ask the Scoutmaster for a blue card and to help find you a counselor

    • Every Rank includes a Scoutmaster’s Conference

    • Every Rank above Scout also includes a Board of Review

  • Troop Campouts

    • At least one campout/activity per month is planned by the TLC

    • Campout dates are on the info board at meetings, the Troop website, and the Team App Calendar

    • Scouts need to inform their Patrol Leader if they are attending prior to the campout

    • The Patrol should set a budget for the meals on the campout

    • Every Scout pays for their share of the food

    • Duty Rosters should be completed by the meeting prior to campout

    • Special Events have unique signup dates/fees (OPCC, Camporee, Summer Camp)

    • Scouts will meet Friday at the Flagpole arrival is between 6pm and 7pm and departure is at 7pm

    • Scouts will return Sunday by the garage between 1pm and 2pm typically

    • Scouts should review what to bring in the Campcraft section of the Scouts BSA Handbook

    • The Buddy System should be used at all times

  • Patrols

    • Troop 98 is made up of several patrols

    • Each Patrol has 6 – 8 Scouts

    • Each Patrol is led by a Patrol Leader

    • Patrols elect their Patrol Leaders by a majority vote

    • The Patrol can elect a new Patrol Leader any time a majority of the patrol agrees to a vote

    • The Patrol Leader will appoint each Scout a duty to perform to assist the Patrol

    • Each Patrol sends their Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader to TLC meetings to represent them

    • The Scout at the TLC meetings is responsible for sharing information to and from the TLC

  • Meetings

    • Troop Meetings - 7:00-8:30 Monday Nights

    • What to Bring: Uniform/Scout Handbook/Pen or Pencil/Notebook/Advancements

    • Uniform consists of Scout Shirt, Scout Pants/Shorts, Scout Belt and Buckle, Scout Socks, Neckerchief/Slide

    • Scouts are responsible for writing down any announcements/upcoming events discussed at the meeting

    • If a Scout cannot attend a meeting they should contact their PL for the meetings announcements

    • PL needs to monitor attendance in their patrol and contact any Scouts not attending to offer assistance

    • TLC Meeting – 7:00-8:30 on Tuesdays usually twice a month

    • SPL and PLs plan meetings for future months (Patrols please share ideas with PL)

    • Patrol Meetings – Patrols meet outside troop meeting socially or to plan/prepare for events

    • Committee Meetings – Routinely meet before Board of Review. Extra meetings held at request of Committee Chair

    • Board of Review – 7:30-usually 9:00 on the 2nd Tuesday of every month (see Advancement)

  • Finances

    • Scouts pay monthly dues of $5.00 at the first meeting of each month

    • The Troop Scribe collects and records the dues and then turns them in to the Troop Treasurer

    • The Troops only fundraiser is the annual Wreath Sale

    • Scouts are asked to sell a minimum of $400 of wreaths or pay an $120 fee

    • Scouts can earn funds for their Scout savings account by selling wreaths

    • Scouts may use their Scout savings account to pay dues or registration and Summer Camp fees

    • Paying dues from savings accounts can be used once per year to pay the remaining yearly balance

  • Old Crow Patrol

    • The Scoutmaster works directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for the Troop

    • The Scoutmaster trains youth leaders to run the Troop by providing direction, coaching, and support

    • An Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) is an adult leader who assists the Scoutmaster in providing the Troop program

    • The SM/ASM meet regularly with the TLC for training and coordination in the planning of troop activities

    • The SM attends committee meetings to report on the happenings of the program

    • The SM shall insure all activities happen under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and the policies of the BSA and chartered organization

    • Conduct regular conferences with each Scout to mentor them on their progress

    • Conduct periodic parents’ sessions to share the program and encourage participation

    • Conduct Scoutmaster conferences for all rank advancements

  • Troop Committee

    • The Troop Committee is responsible for helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities, conducting the business of the troop, and setting policy

    • The Committee also has the responsibility to provide adults for boards of review

    • The Troop Committee is led by the Committee Chair who supervises the Committee and Unit Leaders

    • The Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative choose other committee members

    • All Committee members should be asked to commit to an annual term

    • There is no limit to the number of terms served

    • Committee positions include but are not limited to coordinators for: Treasury, Advancement, Activities, Equipment, Membership, New Scout Parent, Secretary

    • Each committee coordinator position can have as many assistants as required

    • Coordinators can ask other parents to help with specific tasks during the year

    • The Committee should have regular meetings with all coordinators making a report

    • A minimum of 3 Committee members can form a board of review

    • All decisions should be made by full agreement of the Committee Chair and all Committee Coordinators

  • Behavior

    • Every Scout agrees to uphold the Scout Oath and Scout Law during their daily lives and at Troop events

    • If a Scouts behavior should fail to meet the standards described in the Scout Oath and Law the steps are as follows

      • Scout is counseled by the Patrol Leader and/or the Senior Patrol Leader

      • Scout is counseled by the Senior Patrol Leader and an Assistant Scoutmaster

      • Scout is counseled by the Scoutmaster

      • Scoutmaster has conference with Scout, and Scout’s Parents/Guardians

    • If any activity impacts the health and safety of any Scout an adult should be told immediately

    • If the Scout’s behavior warrants immediate suspension the Scout’s Parent or Guardian will be required to come and remove the Scout from the activity even if it is many miles away.

  • Information management

  • The Troop uses the Team App platform for the Troop Calendar, storing contact information, and sending messages

  • Team App can be downloaded to your smartphone, or viewed online at troop98gahanna.teamapp.com

  • The Troop has a public website to access Troop Forms, Troop Finances, Eagles Nest, a public Troop Calendar, attracting new members, linking to Boy Scout Forms and documents, and tracking training and advancements

  • At least 1 Scout Parent per family must register for Team App

  • Information about upcoming Campouts/events/Parent’s Meetings will be shared on the Troop Calendar, on Team App, in weekly announcements, and through regular newsletters

"Passive citizenship is not enough to uphold in the world the virtues of freedom, justice, and honor. Only active citizenship will do."

-Robert Baden-Powell