Family Scouting

The BSA believes we owe it to families to structure our program offerings in a way that fits into their busy lives to deliver character development and values-based leadership training that Scouting promises. To accomplish this Troop 98 works closely with two related units in order to best deliver the Scouting program to families. If you are interested in joining either of the units below please use our contact page and we will get you connected.

Scouts BSA

Troop 98 Gahanna for Boys

Our Troop for Boys continues to build on its over 75-year history of enthusiasm and adventure. The program provides Scouts the opportunity for fun, adventure, learning, challenge, and responsibility. Through planning and organizing their activities, they develop teamwork and learn how to lead.

Troop meetings are every Monday night at Stonybrook Church @ 7pm.

Scouts BSA

Troop 7456 for Girls

The newest unit offers girls ages 11-17 the same overall program used by the Boy Troop but allows them the chance to plan unique meetings, activities and campouts that they are responsible for developing.

Troop 7456 meets on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. This is a great group of girls who love camping, service projects, and fun outings. Feel free to check out one of our meetings to see if our troop is the right fit for your daughter!

Cub Scouts

Pack 98 Gahanna

Pack 98 is a Gahanna-based pack that welcomes boys and girls ages 5-11 into the scouting program. We currently serve youth from all areas of Gahanna.

We meet as a Pack every third Tuesday of the month at Stonybrook Church @ 7pm.

Individual dens (youth of the same age are grouped into dens) meet during times that the parents decide upon.