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Advancements: Ranks & Merit Badges


  1. 1 What are Rank Advancements?
  2. 2 Does my son have to advance in rank? What if he just wants to enjoy Scouting?
  3. 3 How long should it take my son to advance through each rank? How long before he makes Eagle Scout?
  4. 4 Can my son skip the lower ranks and just start working on his Eagle Badge now?
  5. 5 So a Scout could zip through to Eagle really quick, say in a couple of months if he was really motivated?
  6. 6 A First Class or above Scout, the Scoutmaster, or an Assistant Scoutmaster can sign-off on rank requirements. So I can't sign my son's book?
  7. 7 I am a Cub Scout Leader. Can I sign-off on my son's or another Scouts rank requirements?
  8. 8 I was thinking of Volunteering to help, but you said this is a Boy run Troop. Does that mean you don't need any help?
  9. 9 You mentioned getting the "current" requirements. Do requirements change? If they do, does my son have to start over?
  10. 10 Merit Badges
    1. 10.1 What's the difference between the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee Members and Merit Badge Counselors?
    2. 10.2 What are Merit Badges?
    3. 10.3 How does my son go about earning a Merit Badge?
    4. 10.4 What are the requirements for the Merit Badges?
    5. 10.5 What's a Blue Card?
    6. 10.6 Once my son starts a Merit Badge how long does he have to complete it? I have heard it’s a year from the time he starts.
    7. 10.7 What are the qualifications of a Merit Badge Counselor?
    8. 10.8 Can a scout work with a Merit Badge Counselor from another Troop, or must the Counselor be part of our Troop?
  11. 11 You have mentioned the Court of Honor. What is that?
  12. 12 I have heard something about an Eagle Court of Honor. Is that some kind of special Court of Honor?
  13. 13 Can you explain about Service hours and helping with Eagle projects?

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