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Troop Committee

The members of the Executive Committee and their duties are listed below. Each Committee position should have an assistant so that each position is represented at each committee meeting. Committee Coordinators should involve Parents to help with specific tasks.

Chartered Organization Representative
Maintain a close liaison between the Institution Head and the Troop Committee Chair. Represent the Troop to the Chartered Organization. Help recruit adult leaders. Be Responsible for unit re-chartering. Encourage service to the Chartered Organization.

Committee Chair
Preside over, guide, and promote attendance at monthly Troop Committee meetings and any special meetings called. Coordinate parent participation for Scout events. Maintain a close relationship with the Chartered Organization Representative and the Scoutmaster. See that Troop leaders have training opportunities. Assist in interpretation of national and local policies to the Troop Committee. Be present on Boards of Review whenever possible. Assist with annual re-charter. 

Take minutes at all regular and special meetings. Type the minutes using Roberts’ Rules of Order as a guideline and keep them during the term of office. Present minutes to the Troop Committee for approval. Attend to correspondence and publicity as required. 

Maintain the Troop bank accounts, Council Unit account, and individual Scout/Adult accounts. Prepare monthly report to the Troop Committee including Scout/Adult account balances. Be a signer on the bank and unit accounts. Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting. 

Advancement Coordinator
Encourage Scouts to advance in rank. Maintain Troop advancement records on Troop software. Maintain a Merit Badge Counselor list. Prepare Advancement Report to the Council or other Troop reports as needed. Notify Scoutmaster of Scouts who has not advanced in rank for more than one year. Collect and record all merit badge Blue Cards. Work with Troop Librarian to assure library is updated. Conduct Boards of Review. Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting. 

Outdoor Activities Coordinator
Coordinate with the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster(s), and Troop Committee to develop a Troop Annual Calendar of Outings and other events for the coming year. Secure permission to use campsites and coordinate dates on the master calendar. Maintain up-to-date medical records on each Scout and applicable adults. Secure reservations, have necessary deposits made. Obtain lists of Scouts planning to attend outings, deposits, payments, permission slips, etc. Coordinate with the Treasurer and Equipment Coordinator. Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting. 

Fundraiser Coordinator
Organize events to raise funds for the Troop. Obtain proper approvals from the Committee prior to initiating paperwork or signing any agreements. Coordinate with the Treasurer on distribution of funds. 

Equipment Coordinator
Supervise and help the Troop procure camping equipment. Work with the Quartermaster on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all Troop equipment. Make periodic safety checks on all Troop camping gear, and encourage safe use of all outdoor equipment. Work closely with the Scoutmaster and Outdoor Activities Coordinator. 

Membership Coordinator
Collect all forms and money required for registering a new Scout or adult. Assist in paperwork for Webelos transition to the Troop. Obtain proper signatures and file paperwork with the Council office. Work closely with Treasurer to have access to the receipt book. Maintain copies of all membership applications. Collect member information (including e-mail addresses) necessary to maintain an up-to-date Troop roster. Provide Advancement Coordinator, Treasurer, and Webmaster with information required for Troop software. Perform functions to re-charter Troop. 

New Scout Parent Coordinator
Orient parents on how the unit works and the benefits to their family. Assign every parent to help with a specific task, assignment, or project annually. And, keep parents updated on the unit’s program and their child’s involvement. Work closely with Membership Coordinator to ensure all new member information is collected. 

Training Coordinator
Keep records of adult training and expiration dates to facilitate information for Tour permits and other requirements that need trained adults. Submit records to Unit Commissioner as needed. Keep adult leaders informed of training opportunities. 

Keep the Troop web site updated with current Troop information. Work with Troop Webmaster and Historian to gather troop information. Coordinate with and report to the Troop Committee. Obtain written permission from Parents/Guardians before posting pictures of each Scout. 

Encourage and advise Scouts in earning their appropriate religious emblems. Provide a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities. Give guidance to the Chaplain Aide. Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his choice. Visit homes of Scouts in time of sickness or need. Give spiritual counseling service when needed or requested.