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In any Troop the Scouts are the most important volunteers because without any Scouts there would be no Troop. It is the Scouts themselves that make Scouting happen. That is why you will find them at the top of the Troop Structure. 

Patrol Leaders
A group of Scouts is known as a Patrol. Once the Patrol gets together they elect a Patrol Leader to help them work together and do the things that Scouts do. When the Scouts come up with an idea for an activity they tell their Patrol Leader and he represents them at the Troop Leaders Council. That is why you will find the Patrol Leaders supporting the Scouts in the Troop Structure.

Senior Patrol/Senior Patrol Leader
When several Patrols are working together then you have a Boy Scout Troop. Just as a Patrol of Scouts elects a Patrol Leaders, all the Scouts in the Troop elect a Senior Patrol Leader. This Scout works with the Patrol Leaders to share the Scouts ideas for activities with the Scoutmaster Corps. The Senior Patrol Leader will also select a group of interested Scouts to help him with specific Troop functions. Together they are the Senior Patrol, and they use the guidance of the Scoutmaster Corps to plan an conduct activities based on the ideas of the Scouts. That is why you will find them being supported by the Scoutmaster Corps, and supporting the Patrol Leaders in the Troop Structure.

Troop Leaders Council
The Troop Leaders Council, not the Scoutmaster Corps, is responsible for planning and conducting the Troop's activities. The troop's activities are selected and planned at the annual program planning conference. The troop's yearly plan is then submitted to the Troop Committee for approval. The Troop Committee either approves the plan or makes alternative suggestions for the Troop Leaders Council to consider. At its monthly meetings, the Troop Leaders Council organizes and assigns activity responsibilities for the weekly Troop meetings. The Troop Committee interacts with the Troop Leaders Council through the Scoutmaster.

Scoutmaster Corps
The Scoutmaster Corps is made up of the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters in the Troop. They work directly with the Senior Patrol/SPL and Patrol Leaders to help them create the Troop Program for the Scouts. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are not instructors, or commanders, but are instead guides working among the Scouts. By coaching and mentoring among the Scouts, Patrol Leaders, and Senior Patrol/SPL, and not above or detached from them, they can inspire the efforts of the entire Troop. Just as the foundation supports a house the Scoutmaster Corps support all of the Scouts in the Troop, and that is why you will find them supporting the Senior Patrol/SPL, the Patrol Leaders, and the Scouts in the Troop Structure.

Troop Committee
While the Scoutmaster Corps works among the Scouts of the Troop the Troop Committee works separately to make sure the Troop has all of the resources it needs to run the Troop Program. This means that when the Troop goes camping the Troop committee makes sure they have a campsite reservation, the funds to pay the camping fees, and the tents and equipment the Scouts need to stay safe and well fed. When Scouts advance it is the Troop Committee that conducts the Board of Review and provides all of the Scouts Patches and Merit Badges. So every time a Scout sets up a tent, or lights a stove, or receives their new rank patch you can see the Troop Committee supporting the Scouts, the Patrol Leaders, the Senior Patrol/SPL, and the Scoutmaster Corps. And that is why you will find the Troop Committee at the bottom of the Troop Structure.  

Troop Organization Chart
The Troop Organization Chart you see below was designed to give everyone a better idea of how the layers of the Troop Structure work together and to help identify the patches of each position. As you saw above each layer of the organization has a layer that they work to support and a layer that works to support them. 

Here is a breakdown of the different Leadership positions that exist in Troop 98. The positions have been broken down into 4 categories to help everyone understand the Structure of Troop 98. You can click on each category heading to learn more about the responsibilities of each position.

Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Troop Quartermaster
Troop Scribe
Chaplain Aide
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop Guide

Patrol Leader
Assistant Patrol Leader
Patrol Quartermaster
Patrol Scribe
Patrol Grubmaster

Assistant Scoutmasters

Chartered Organization Representative
Committee Chair
Advancement Coordinator
Outdoor Activities Coordinator
Fundraiser Coordinator
Equipment Coordinator
Membership Coordinator
New Scout Parent Coordinator
Training Coordinator

To better understand the structure of the BSA as a whole you can read this page, or you can read the Troop Committee Guidebook.